Information security tools and testing

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  • Vulnerability Testing Blunders, Oversights, and Common Mistakes You Must Avoid - This webcast outlines common security testing problems that not only create business liabilities but also waste your valuable time and money.
  • What Not to Do When Testing Your Information Security - A lot of people can tell you how to test for information security weaknesses, but most aren't willing to share where they've screwed up detailing what *not* to do. In this webcast, hear some tales from the trenches including common security testing oversights, issues that create serious liabilities, and common assumptions that can downright waste your valuable time and money when performing information security tests. Not only will you learn proper ways to plan your security testing strategy, you'll benefit from the mistakes of others to better spend your resources in order to find the most vulnerabilities and help justify future information security spending.
  • The network analyzer: A security tool you can't do without - This webcast outlines the benefits of using a network analyzer as an information security tool. See why no network administrator or security specialist should be without one!