• The tautology of “Russian hacking” + why you can’t believe everything you hear/read

    10 Aug 2023

    Remember back in 2017/18 during the rise of the Trump regime, when the media kept repeating over and over and over again how the Russians were meddling in the election? It was convenient for them to talk about this so-called “Russian hacking” because those who control the messaging understand the average person knows very little about hacking.

    Interestingly, I happened to be writing a book of mine at the time and was describing how pop culture and the media have hijacked the word “hacking” to create sensationalist stories they know most won’t question. During the editing process, I got pushback on my wording and had to change a couple of things. I was also told that “election meddling” was not a hijacked term but rather a proven fact. That’s literally what they said. 😁

    Even though this content was very timely and provided an important example of the point I was trying to make, my words were toned down in the final version of the book. Knowing what I know about how the legacy corporate media is in cahoots with the U.S. government, I was confident that the truth on this so-called Russian hacking would come out on this eventually…and it did.

    Fast forward to just recently and we find out via the Durham report that the Russian collusion stuff was bogus – an apparent attempt to discredit Trump and his winning of the election and quite likely to blame “the Russians” so there would be yet another an excuse for the U.S. government to wage their forthcoming proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Amazing!

    Tucker Carlson described this approach to “Russian hacking/collusion” and the redlining of those words in my book in his first Twitter episode using the word tautology. As Tucker talked about people who are hell-bent on being right: “Something is true because it is. The more you repeat it, the truer it becomes. It’s a self-reinforcing reality…It doesn’t need an explanation and don’t ask questions.”

    In the video, Tucker goes on to say “By this point, it’s possible that Americans citizens are the least informed people in the world”. Perhaps so, especially given the control of the messaging! Even more so, when the topic is as complex as hacking.

    Tucker further noted, “Not only are the media not interested in any of this, they’re actively hostile to anybody who is. In journalism, curiousity is the greatest crime.” Hmm…reflecting back on my book situation, what an interesting tie-in.

    If there’s anything to be learned with what’s going on in the world today, it’s to not blindly trust that everything you read is the truth…OR even what the writer intended to say.

    I was quite happy to hear about the Durham report. It’s nice when your “conspiracy theories” come true. I have certainly seen and experienced a lot of that happening lately!

    Question everything, folks…and, most importantly, stay free!