• A great read on the Great Reset

    11 May 2021

    Here on my blog, I normally post about information security…often with a sprinkling of psychology and the political nonsense of the world and how they impact security in business. Now, though, I want to share what I believe is a great read on this “Great Reset” that’s going on in society right now. I can’t share it on social media – Big Tech likes to block stuff like this for some reason…

    The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. Rather, it’s apparently a technocratic takeover of society all in the name of a virus with an unbelievably high survival rate. It’s well documented too. The World Economic Forum has laid it all out here. Their guy (I don’t even want to mention his name) has written a book on it (I have no interest in providing a link)…look up “Great Reset” on Amazon. It’s currently #3,769 on Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank. Impressive…I suppose.

    Don’t read me wrong, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Perhaps more of a conspiracy realist based on what I see. I pay attention. I do a lot of reading. And like to think that I’m pretty observant of what’s going on around us. We all need to be paying attention…now. Yet, so many people have turned a blind eye to this…going about their days wearing their masks (often in their cars, alone!), thinking these lockdowns we’ve experienced are pretty interesting, and just living in fear – looking to the government to tell them what to do next. So many trust that those in charge are doing things in our best interests….to keep us “safe”…and in the interests of freedom. I’m convinced that’s absolutely not the case.

    We are all experiencing what I believe to be the greatest social engineering experiment in the history of the world. I have written about social engineering in the context of security but these people are playing at an entirely different level. This has been a nearly perfectly-executed plan…and it’s working!

    If you’re a citizen of planet earth and reading this post well into the future, I apologize on behalf of our generation turning a blind eye and not pushing back more. I’m doing what I can to not be a part of the problem but I know it’s likely not enough. Fingers crossed!

    Read this article…it may require a sign-up. There’s a lot of good info on this site and elsewhere on the web but this sums up the essence of what’s going on. Don’t rely on me, though. Do your own research elsewhere and find other info that’s consistent with what you believe is true…And, then, tell me why I’m crazy and that none of this is happening. Please…I want to be wrong on this. I really do.