• It’s here! Hacking For Dummies, 7th edition

    27 Apr 2022

    Hot off the press, the latest (7th) edition of my best-selling book on security vulnerability and penetration testing, Hacking For Dummies, is here!

    Hacking For Dummies is one of the oldest and most successful books on information and computer security and, as of 2019, it has been translated into 9 different languages.

    Who would’ve thought all the blood, sweat, and tears that I put in to the first edition of this book way back in 2004 would have paid off like it has?! I surely didn’t.

    In this 7th edition, there are LOTS of improvements, updates, edits and so on…including the latest tools and techniques for finding the security flaws that matter. We also may have fixed one or two things that none of us could believe we all missed in the editorial process for the 6th edition. 😉

    I always forget how difficult it is to update this book to a new edition. This year was particularly time-consuming and energy-sapping for reasons I discuss in the Dedication section.

    I hope you’ll check it out! Thanks so much for your ongoing support.