• Hacking For Dummies now in its 9th language

    07 Feb 2019

    I just found out from my publisher, Wiley, that my book Hacking For Dummies is being published in Dutch. That makes the ninth language for my book since its inception way back in 2003. Here’s the full list of languages:

    1. English
    2. German (including the new 6th edition)
    3. Dutch
    4. Hindi
    5. French
    6. Portuguese
    7. Simplified Chinese
    8. Italian
    9. Bulgarian

    I’m eager to see what the next language will be!

    I really hope you’ll check out my book. Of course, I’m a bit biased, but I think the latest (6th) edition is a very solid work on the essentials of vulnerability and penetration testing. But it’s not just about the art and science of security testing. I also cover things like:

    • Understanding why hackers hack
    • Getting to know the widely-accepted security assessment methodology
    • Creating a testing scope and plan
    • Reporting your results to ensure that the gaps are addressed
    • Managing an ongoing information security program

    Even if you have a past edition of Hacking For Dummies, I think you’ll like I have in the latest version. It’s one of the all-time best-selling books on computer and information security. Check it out here and see why.