Windows Security

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  • Securing Endpoints the Right Way – Securing your endpoints is not a one time deal but rather a part of a larger strategy for improving service, lowering costs, and minimizing business risks. View this videocast to learn the steps you must take secure your endpoints. Topics covered include real world endpoint vulnerabilities, misconceptions and oversights related to endpoint security, security dos and don’ts regarding technology and operations, and three pillars of endpoint security: Vulnerability management, data protection, and compliance
  • Windows network vulnerability assessment: From A to Z – So, either you – as a security administrator – or an executive has decided your company needs to do a vulnerability assessment. Maybe compliance restrictions are necessitating more proven security, or maybe you’ve just decided to be proactive. Either way it is a daunting task. From inventorying your network to ensuring management approval and budgeting to actually performing the testing to analyzing the results, a thorough plan is a must. This webcast lays out the requirements of a good Windows network vulnerability assessment plan from the beginning to end and covers reasons to do a vulnerability assessment, how to get management approval, legal issues, possible tools to use, and how to analyze the results.
  • Deadly Windows security mistakes– This webcast outlines various security omissions in Windows-based networks that can have a serious impact on your organization. I cover mistakes network administrators make that leave their systems open to hackers and malicious insiders, how systems vulnerabilities are often exploited, and associated negative consequences of exploited systems. I also take this discussion beyond the common issues of weak passwords, missing patches and loose security policies to share common problems I finds while performing security assessments that are exploited much more easily – and more often – than the highly technical vulnerabilities
    we hear so much about.
  • Hands-on techniques for testing Windows security – In this webcast, I outline practical, low-cost tests you can perform on your systems to check for common security vulnerabilities. I also discuss other critical ethical hacking elements such as creating a testing plan, selecting the proper tools and how to determine which vulnerabilities need to be addressed first to ensure maximize return on your information security efforts.

Client Testimonials

“A business associate referred our company to Principle Logic when we were seeking a resource to perform vulnerability /penetration testing for our external and internal networks. We found Kevin Beaver to be professional, well informed, and easy to work with. His testing did not disrupt our networks, and his progress updates were timely.

His final report was very thorough and included security recommendations for our network environment. The executive leadership was so impressed with Kevin’s security expertise, they have extended their agreement to continue to perform periodic testing. We highly recommend Kevin Beaver and Principle Logic as a resource for network security testing.”

(IT managed services firm)


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