Storage security and backups

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  • Ten guidelines to secure your data backup
  • Assessing the risks of information at rest and information in transit
  • Data security and backup encryption remain critical
  • Secure data storage strategies and budget-friendly security tools for SMBs
  • Preventing online backup security threats to your network
  • Pros and cons of Windows Server drive encryption
  • Five must-have data storage security tools for smaller businesses
  • Using disk imaging software in data backup and recovery
  • Secure your data backups with encryption key management best practices
  • Storage encryption essentials
  • Secure data destruction options for old backup tapes and disk
  • Making sense of regulatory compliance and data storage for SMBs
  • Data security concerns with online backup
  • Data retention policies and procedures for SMBs
  • The pros and cons of host-based vs. appliance-based tape encryption
  • Securing DAS without breaking the bank
  • How SMBs can ensure storage security
  • Document Security – Protecting sensitive information both inside and outside of the firewall
  • Ten reasons storage security is critical
  • Look at the big IT picture to ensure storage security
  • Effective storage security policies
  • What you need to know about laptop encryption
  • Storage security and the firewall DMZ problem
  • Five must-have storage security testing tools
  • The problem with unstructured information
  • Thirteen data retention mistakes to avoid
  • Hack your storage to test your security
  • Tools for securing mobile drives
  • The compliance payoffs for securing vulnerable information at rest
  • Storage vulnerabilities you can’t afford to miss
  • Securing data at rest vs. data in transit
  • Ensuring proper data deletion or destruction of backup media
  • Using an encryption appliance for data backup security
  • Storage encryption FAQ
  • Storage security FAQ
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Strategies for the Enterprise – Continuous data protection (CDP) has become a traditional backup and storage system-based replication software. CDP software allows enterprise CIOs to eliminate or reduce backup and recovery times. This webcast presentation will discuss the pros and cons of continuous data protection, how it fits into your architecture and DR plan, and ultimately whether it’s a good fit for your organization. (TechTarget)
  • The Three Things You Need to Know About Managing Privacy Data- IT executives are discovering that a gap exists between security and storage. While security specialists are focused on network issues like intrusion prevention and data protection, storage administrators are focused on data availability and recovery. In this webcast I discuss why managing privacy data is so important, what makes it so difficult and where organizations are most vulnerable. (TechTarget)


Client Testimonials

“A business associate referred our company to Principle Logic when we were seeking a resource to perform vulnerability /penetration testing for our external and internal networks. We found Kevin Beaver to be professional, well informed, and easy to work with. His testing did not disrupt our networks, and his progress updates were timely.

His final report was very thorough and included security recommendations for our network environment. The executive leadership was so impressed with Kevin’s security expertise, they have extended their agreement to continue to perform periodic testing. We highly recommend Kevin Beaver and Principle Logic as a resource for network security testing.”

(IT managed services firm)


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