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The Malware Threat Businesses are Ignoring and How Damballa Failsafe Fits In

    • The Evolving Spyware and Malware Threat Landscape: Blended Threats with Alex Ackelberry
    • Ransomware, Social Engineering and Human Error: What could go wrong? (Commvault)
    • Managing network security threats with an ERM strategy (TechTarget)
    • Getting a Handle on Spyware and Malware Once and For All – Is your organization faced with challenges in protecting against new blended spyware and malware threats? This webcast will give insight on what options are available to help you respond more effectively to today’s increasingly complex and blended threats. (TechTarget)
    • Making the Best Choice on an Anti-Malware Product – With all the anti-malware products and vendors to choose from, it’s nothing short of overwhelming trying to pick the right solution to help minimize business risks. In this webcast, I explain how you can cut through vendor marketing fluff, helping you to make informed decisions and smart investments when buying anti-malware products. (TechTarget)
    • Responding to Malware Outbreaks with a Solid Response Plan – If your network controls and practices aren’t air tight, a malware infection is inevitable in the Windows environment. When an outbreak does occur, it doesn’t mean you have to react emotionally and run around like your hair is on fire. A solid malware response plan, which includes a dependable toolkit, is the only way to respond, eradicate and move on with minimal costs and downtime. In this webcast, I discuss how to put a reliable malware response plan in place so that you and your users can focus on the business at hand instead. (TechTarget)
    • How to Keep Malware at Bay – A pound of prevention is worth a ton of cure when it comes to keeping your network free of viruses, bots, rootkits and other malicious software. With seemingly untrainable users and the complexity of today’s Windows environments, this is a lot easier said than done. In this webcast, I outline some essential malware prevention tools, solid IT functions and business processes that you can put in place to help yourself prevent malware outbreaks. (TechTarget)

    Client Testimonials

    “A business associate referred our company to Principle Logic when we were seeking a resource to perform vulnerability /penetration testing for our external and internal networks. We found Kevin Beaver to be professional, well informed, and easy to work with. His testing did not disrupt our networks, and his progress updates were timely.

    His final report was very thorough and included security recommendations for our network environment. The executive leadership was so impressed with Kevin’s security expertise, they have extended their agreement to continue to perform periodic testing. We highly recommend Kevin Beaver and Principle Logic as a resource for network security testing.”

    (IT managed services firm)


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