• Windows 7 – worth the wait?

    13 May 2009

    I’ve never been big on major OS upgrades however Windows 7 is looking promising. I installed Windows 7 RC on an older test system this past weekend and it actually seems to work well so far! I am having some video driver crashes but other than that it looks like MS may have actually fixed the quirkiness with Vista. I always liked the Vista interface (Windows 7 has it) but as I’ve written about in the past I ended up NOT being a fan of the troubled OS. The latest I heard (from a TechEd briefing) is that we can expect Windows 7 to be out around the holidays.

    Windows 7 is worth taking a look-see…After all, it’s likely where things in your business are headed, might as well get a jump on it, huh?

    Definitely more to come from me on this….