• Don’t do this to yourself (and your company) in online meetings

    21 May 2008

    Here’s another thought in the same spirit as my previous post where I talked about sharing out your desktop when using WebEx, GotoMeeting, and the like and then doing stuff that other people probably shouldn’t see.

    I just attended a very unprofessional webcast put on by an otherwise respectable security vendor where a person on their end didn’t have her phone muted. I could hear everything she was saying, part of what the people in the background were saying, her laughing, her munching, her fiddling around on her desk….you name it. And no on else on her end seemed to notice. OUCH.

    So, avoid making a butt out of yourself – and especially your company if you’re presenting to prospective clients – by leaving your phone unmuted during webcasts and conference calls….Just another free community service offering from yours truly. 🙂