• Do developers really think of security this way?

    27 Aug 2008

    I was just perusing the latest Programmer’s Paradise catalog. The catalog is chock full of developer tools – everything you need for application lifecycle management. Well almost. Their Security section of products made me laugh. I was expecting to see products like DevInspect, Ounce 6, and Fortify 360. But no, what’s in there is what all too many developers still see as “security”: Reflex Security’s VSA Firewall, GFI EndPointSecurity, PGP Desktop, CA Antivirus, and related products. One notable set of products missing were digital certificates for SSL/TLS – you know, the holy grail for security in the eyes of many developers. But not a single product for source code analysis or penetration testing. Wow…I thought the source code analysis vendors were making headway into the developer arena.

    Not that the “security” products they’re selling aren’t part of an overall secure infrastructure. But c’mon guys.

    It’s almost cute. I know this mindset doesn’t speak for all shops and all developers – what I’m referring to is just a software reseller with a catalog put together by some marketing types…But still, it’s pretty sad. Sign of the times I suppose and certainly job security for those of us who seek it and are willing to work for it.