• 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors???

    19 Feb 2009

    Check them out here. I like the concept of the Top 25…it certainly helps spread the word…but who are they kidding when they talk about the Top 25’s “major” impacts?!

    The site claims:
    *Software buyers will be able to buy much safer software.
    *Programmers will have tools that consistently measure the security of the software they are writing.
    *Colleges will be able to teach secure coding more confidently.
    *Employers will be able to ensure they have programmers who can write more secure code.

    Folks, this stuff has been around for ages…and so have the barriers to accomplishing these very things. As long as humans are involved, as long as developers aren’t on board with security, and as long as management doesn’t buy into this whole concept, it’s going to be more of the same.