• 100% Secure Site? Yeah, right…

    11 Jun 2008

    I was ordering some Aqua Globes today (I don’t normally fall for these as-seen-on-TV products but this one seems to fit a need I have) and saw on their site a bold statement of “100% SECURE SITE”. You can see it here. Apparently the same folks that have infiltrated other e-commerce sites claiming “HACKER PROOF”.

    Wow – what a BOLD statement!

    I wonder how often they test their site/application using automated scanners and manual hacking techniques. What about the OS/network layers…yet another area to test. Maybe they’re referring to the SSL certificate their server uses…? We all know the limitations of SSL. It’s only a tiny tiny component of Web security.

    I certainly wouldn’t want that on my e-commerce site…nothing but an invitation for trouble.