• Marketers can twist anything

    28 Apr 2009

    You’ve heard me say before here, here, and elsewhere that the marketing fluff created by IT and security product vendors is often nothing more than, well, fluff. Most marketer jargon lies somewhere between competitive advantage and political correctness and it usually makes for some comical reading.

    I heard some nonsense like this on my way into work this morning. It was regarding the swine flu. Apparently the brainiacs in the pork industry want to change it to “hybrid flu”. Well, isn’t that precious? Call it the hybrid flu and it doesn’t sound so bad anymore does it?

    I really does amaze me how people are always trying to exploit the great unwashed and change perception of things to make themselves or something they’re pushing look more reasonable than it really is…oftentimes to perpetrate a scam. The points I’m trying to make: educate yourself and trust but verify.