• You can’t buy security for $1, but some people will fall for it

    16 Aug 2012

    I recently deposited a check at a giant monster mega bank that’s continually trying to sell me new services and the teller asked: “Would you like to buy identity theft protection for just $1 today?”

    Wow, really…so you’re saying my personal information will be safe and secure for a mere $1…!? Amazing…but no thanks. Sadly, many in management are like the average consumer: they just don’t realize what it takes to ensure information security. No it’s not just about anti-virus, or firewalls or that little lock thingy in our Web browsers. No, it’s about some set of unenforceable policies sitting on a shelf that no one knows about. Nor is it those silly marketing slicks telling us our privacy “rights”.

    It’s not that simple.

    Don’t you just know that, right now, this very bank has laptops, tablets, smartphones and the like chock full of sensitive information waiting to be exploited in when a loss or theft occurs. The general public doesn’t get security…that’s why these banks are successful in selling services that people don’t need. I’m not complaining…it’s good for our field.

    Sadly, consumer ignorance and the unwillingness to question how personal information is handled will be overlooked while, at the same time, many of these very consumers will blame the big evil corporations for trying to make a profit. Who’s the real dummy here?

    Side note: identity theft protection is not a bad thing to have…Based on what I see in my information security assessment work, I wouldn’t dare be without it! Just don’t pay for it…Not even $1. Here’s some info on how you can get it for free.