• ISP with no business continuity plan?

    28 Apr 2008

    A couple of weeks ago, my home Internet service provider, SpeedFactory, went kaput. What used to be an awesome small ISP with good prices and tons of flexibility had let me down.

    I had no DSL, no email, nothing worked from home. Topping off the problem, no one was available to call…Their phone lines (even the fax) were inaccessible. Several days later, they amazingly re-surfaced and apologized for the outage. They sent out a note stating they regretted the inconvenience. Ha! Too little too late SpeedFactory…I had already moved on to a different ISP (AT&T FastAccess, which so far, is not going very well). What’s a guy gotta do to get decent broadband access?

    Three lessons can be taken away from this event:

    1) I never realized how dependent my family is on our home Internet access. I know now that we can’t go for more than a day or so without it.
    2) Cell/air cards don’t work as a good backup when you don’t have good cell phone coverage (I live in the bustling metro Atlanta area and I have no cell coverage with AT&T (formerly Cingluar based here as well) where I’m at. Go figure.
    3) Your business needs a business continuity plan (apparently the missing element in my ISP’s extended outage) no matter how small it is or what line of work you’re in.