• How vendors tick people off

    24 Jul 2009

    I just experienced a situation with a vendor that made me realize how they often lose the interest of the very people they need to be on their side.

    I’ll spare the details to protect the guilty but if you’re a vendor here are a few things you have to consider if you want to win over consultants, resellers, analysts, and potential customers with your cool product:

    • Prepare beforehand and at least know what the person you’re talking to does for a living.
    • Listen to what the person you’re presenting to has to say. There’s no bigger turn-off than being interrupted by a sales/marketing person because they like to hear themselves talk – nonstop.
    • When the person you’re addressing has a question, stop talking and listen.
    • If someone tells you they have to end the call by a certain time, make sure that happens – cut the meeting short if you have to.

    I can’t imagine how many great technologies out there are being held back – literally smothered – by sales and marketing people who don’t know how to relate well with others. Unbelievable.