• Why you need to protect your Blackberries – even in ‘secure’ locations

    09 May 2008

    Here’s an interesting story I stumbled across. Didn’t seem to get much coverage elsewhere. Apparently people can’t even visit our own White House without getting victimized. Man….that train of thought could go in SO many directions. Anyway, the lesson is to not leave your Blackberries, smartphones, and PDAs lying around in your purse, on your desk, or any other conspicuous place where they can be taken.

    No worries here though, I’m sure. With all the news stories and information about mobile device security, I’m sure they were all locked down and no sensitive information was put at risk. And with the FISMA security requirements, I’m sure any government systems were extra secure. [ha!]

    Folks, we’re just at the beginning of this mobile device security quandary…There’s a whole new frontier full of criminal mischievousness ahead of us. I’m sure the stories are going to get more and more interesting.