• Who needs life vests anyway?

    29 Aug 2008

    Jazz Airlines (subsidiary of Air Canada) has removed life vests from their airplanes in the name of saving weight and fuel. So, increase the risk of your passengers at whatever cost…?? I’m sure the savings of 83 pounds per flight should more than outweigh any risk. Sounds like the typical risk management decisions being made in all too many businesses out there.

    I suspect we’ll start seeing this kind of nonsense in the IT world in the next decade or so. Something like “Our operational costs are skyrocketing. We’ve to start cutting where we can and information security seems the logical first step. Let’s turn the firewall off for starters – it’s using up too much power plus it’s contributing to “global warming”.”

    You probably think I’m crazy…but seriously believe we’ll start seeing requests like this one of these days. Just think, somewhere down the road you’ll remember when I made this prediction way back when “green” data centers were becoming the craze. 😉