• What direction are you heading with data protection?

    24 Aug 2011

    Here’s a new guest blog post I wrote for the folks at Credant:

    Heading in the Wrong Direction with Data Protection?

    You may see this differently but I think we’re heading down the wrong path in this area – especially on phones and other mobile devices. I suspect we’ll end up in a situation like we have recently in the U.S. where the very people putting the “stimulus” bill and Obamacare in place are suddenly clamoring to get our national debt under control. Come 2013 or so, it’ll be, remember those vendors and bloggers spouting off about how important mobile security was back in 2010/2011 when our network environment was much simpler?

    The inability to think long-term is so, so dangerous folks. Don’t be like our politicians who can’t see past the next election. Make the decision to get your arms around the mobile security beast now. Start today. Here’s a link to some resources that can help.