• Serves him right?

    27 May 2008

    This is somewhat old news from last week but I’ve had it on my to-post list and just had to say something about it. Did you hear about the founder/CEO of LifeLock, Todd Davis? He’s the guy with all the radio ads who gives away his social security number to help prove his fraud-prevention service is secure. Well, apparently someone duped him. Huh, you don’t say!?

    Every single time I heard his commercials I thought this is going to come back and haunt this guy one day.

    A good lesson for all of us: be overprotective of your social security number. Question why people need it (I just leave it blank on forms, etc. most of the time) and by all means don’t give it out to everyone in the world in radio ads and elsewhere!

    Oh, and you don’t even need LifeLock and those types of services anyway…you can do it all yourself for free! Check out this and this.