• Linux admin = ego trip?

    11 Mar 2009

    I recently started writing for SearchEnterpriseLinux.com…My first bit was on a topic that no one seems to want to talk about: Linux security. Entitled Five common Linux security vulnerabilities you may be overlooking, the article currently has the lowest rating I’ve received on any article I’ve ever written for TechTarget dating back to 2002…Woohoo! You definitely can’t win them all.

    Sure, the article’s light – it was intended to be an overview…just the essentials of what needs to be on the radar of admins. Given this rating you’d think many of the guru Linux admins out there would have security down pat. They don’t…hence these types of findings in nearly every security assessment I do.

    That’s fine…it’s this kind of perspective that drives information security and will continue to keep us all busy!