• Isn’t this what HIPAA is for?

    14 Dec 2007

    I’ve been hearing a little sound bite on my local radio station of Hilary Clinton saying “I believe everyone — every man, woman, and child — should have quality, affordable health care in America. We should do it. We should do it, because, in this new economy, when people move jobs more than ever before, their health insurance should move with them.” You can see the transcript on Hilary’s Media Matters site here.

    What part of her “husband’s” Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) does she not understand? What she said is what the Portability portion of HIPAA is all about!

    Gotta love politicians…It’s like overlapping and duplicated security policies I see all the time – even though a law exists, it’s the job of the politician to stir up some new emotions and press for new laws without actually enforcing the original ones. Especially one who’s grasping for straws to get past the primaries!