• Interesting breach making the headlines

    14 May 2008

    Apparently Dave and Buster’s (a favorite place of mine for food and fun) is one of the latest security breach “victims”. This is a VERY good reason to NOT use debit cards (what consumer guru Clark Howard calls piece of trash fake Visas and fake Mastercards).

    I never use a debit card at a store or restaurant if it looks like the card scanner is connected directly to a computer. That’s a great tip-off that the debit/credit card numbers are stored locally on the machine. Heaven knows these systems are probably not protected the way they should be from attack. But this attack method is new. The attackers were capturing traffic in transit from the POS servers at the restaurants to the central system at the Dave and Buster’s headquarters and a third-party processor’s systems. Very clever.

    The bad guys are always one step ahead, huh. I’ll venture to guess that a lack of good security testing played a part in this…