• Goofy “feature” in GoToMyPC that can put you at risk

    31 Mar 2009

    I use GoToMyPC for remote access occasionally and came across a situation you may want to know about….

    Before I left the office last night I made sure my Windows screen was locked. My locking screensaver kicks in after a few minutes but I just wanted to make sure. While at home I accessed my laptop a few times logging on and off of GoToMyPC. When I returned to the office this morning my screen was unlocked….not my idea of security. 😮

    It turned out that the “feature” to relock your system when you disconnect from GotoMyPC is not enabled by default. Here’s what it looks like:

    Let this be a lesson to all of you out there who use GoToMyPC or similar tool. All it takes to negate the benefits of locking screensavers, whole disk encryption, and the whole shebang is something really basic (and stupid) like this. Time to spread the word to your users…and change those default settings!