• Forthcoming information security bailout?

    13 May 2008

    A la the $300 billion housing bailout sponsored by the American Taxpayers (can you believe that!), maybe our government can one day bail out all of the irresponsible business managers that refuse to take information security seriously as well..??

    Man, can you imagine what $300 billion could do to improve security for the ignorant masses of business goons across this country!? I’m thinking firewalls for everyone. Maybe even new wireless APs that support WPA encryption. Oh, and how about drive encryption software for every laptop. Sort of a “No Laptop Left Behind” program. These are all that are needed for security anyway, right?

    It’s so easy to spend someone else’s money. Isn’t the government so nice in everything they do for us so we don’t have to bother? I’ll bet if we ignore what’s going on in Washington long enough, some representative with our “best interests” in mind will propose such a plan.