• Exploiting a crisis to perpetrate a scam?

    29 Jan 2009

    Ever have a situation where a crisis is going on and you witness people taking advantage of it for their own ill-gotten gains? For example, like a security breach leading to the purchase of unnecessary technical controls or implementation of draconian policies (especially when the basics haven’t even been addressed). All to boost an IT manager’s ego.

    Or look at what President Bush did: exploit 9/11 to give the government more power. And what Obama and his minions are doing now with the economy and so-called “stimulus” bill. Control. More control. Ultimate control. That’s what so many people want but all too often for the wrong reasons: Personal gain. Political power.

    This whole economic spending bill is unbelievable. BILLIONS and BILLIONS of additional dollars on food stamps, condoms, public housing and more junk programs we don’t need aren’t going to stimulate anything other than dependence on government growth! Absolutely amazing our so-called leaders are feeding us this and we’re eating it!! Prestigious economists say it’s a joke. Most reasonably smart people can see right through it. This government growth bill is not there for us but rather to create more political power for those who don’t deserve it.

    Given that we no longer have a government by the people for the people, I’ve all but given out on those fools that the dumb masses have voted in to “serve” us in Washington. I’m talking about both the Democrats and the Republicans. I’m proud to say I’m neither.

    I’m going to write something so I can refer back to it when I’m old and can say I was right: America as it was intended is gone. We’ve been getting nudged along for a few decades but now we finally have the momentum – we’re now sliding down the slippery slope called Socialism….It’s the “change” we finally deserve. And, sadly, most people don’t care because they value good looks, charismatic speeches, and government “security” over personal freedom…

    Whew…anyway. Back to my point: look out for those exploiting a crisis in your organization for their own ill-gotten gains. Apparently it’s the American way.