• Disaster recovery is dead?? Not hardly!

    29 Oct 2009

    In this recent SearchCIO.com bit, the executive director of the Disaster Recovery Institute International says that disaster recovery is dead. He goes on to say that “disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity have become synonymous” and (here’s the kicker) “We don’t do recovery anymore, because what everybody wants is continuous operations…We have auto failover now. We have redundancy in data. We do have more continuity. And that is because recovery is almost impossible…”

    Really!? Where is he seeing this? Maybe in the largest of large corporations? Perhaps government agencies with unlimited budgets or maybe it’s some Utopian society where every business can justify to have every control in place necessary to keep the business running at whatever cost?

    That’s not what I’m seeing…That’s not reality. Amazing how people see what they want to see and nothing more.