• “Change” sells but who’s buying?

    23 Jul 2009

    So in the past year we’ve gone from:

    …and the latest in the Obamacare scam we heard about last night:

    Boy are our so-called leaders sneaky! It’s amazing how these politicians change their wording up ever so slightly to make their schemes sound more appealing….and people buy it!! They’re manipulative marketing geniuses! I suppose it’s a case of Michael Jackson Mania, MTV, Facebook, etc. vs. being able to think long term about how this stuff is really going to affect each and every one of us personally…and every generation to come.

    Funny how so many people can get on board with all this “change” nonsense while at the same time our cries for realistic security and privacy are, by and large, falling on deaf ears! I guess that’s the difference between stupidity and ignorance…at least with the ignorance around security we still have a fighting chance. Not so with the dumb masses who think government can make everything better.

    We have to wake up and realize what’s going on here!