• Questions posed to me about security testing

    02 Sep 2008

    Here’s a recent question posed to me regarding firewall assessments that you may benefit from:

    “I am currently running a security assessment in my company for all Cisco ASA firewalls and I would like to know if you have some sort of a guideline or a “recipe” that you are following as to what one needs to look for when performing a security assessment. That is, security flaws, loopholes, best practice, etc. I would appreciate any help you can provide me with.”

    Here’s my response:
    “…This is something that an entire book could be written about. In a nutshell, you should treat a firewall like any other host by scanning it and pounding on it to see what it can divulge. Don’t forget to poke around on the web and telnet/SSH interfaces as well. That’s where I find most firewall vulnerabilities. Check out Traffic IQ Professional – it’s a very good tool for analyzing firewall rulebases, etc. in this context. If you haven’t already, also check out my Firewall Best Practices document that’s got some pointers in this area. Also, stay tuned to my Security On Wheels audio programs and blog for more tips/tricks in this area…”

    Another thing I forgot to mention to this reader is my book Hacking For Dummies outlines the methodology that should be used when testing for security flaws. I cover firewall testing in it as well. Check it out: