• If you don’t have NetScanTools Pro v11, you’re missing out

    25 May 2011

    It’s been a long time coming but the latest incarnation of one of my favorite network/security tools – NetScanTools Pro v11 – is out. Kirk Thomas at Northwest Performance Software has done a bang-up job on the user interface in the new version…something that’s gotten better – albeit slowly – over the years. Not that I could do any better – I can’t imagine having to know network protocols at this level AND be good at UI design at the same time. 😉 Anyway, here’s a sample of the new user experience:

    NetScanTools Pro v11 also has the following new features that stood out to me:

    • support for IPv6 (pretty cool, now we just need businesses that use it!)
    • SNMP Scanner (which has an SNMP dictionary attack tool for cracking community strings for further system enumeration)
    • Connection Monitor (a neat tool that listens for incoming connections – great for all sorts of network and security stuff)

    The Promiscuous Mode Scanner (for finding sniffers on the network), Packet Generator (for, well, generating network packets) and Email Validate (for email testing) tools are nice as well.

    Probably the most under-rated tool of all developed by Northwest Performance Software is the Switch Port Mapping Tool which can help take the pain out of figuring out what’s where.

    I’m not crazy about the lack of automation during the initial setup and licensing process when getting NetScanTools Pro up and running. That said Kirk was very responsive with the registration code I needed to complete the process.

    For $249 ($299 for the portable USB version) there’s no reason to *not* have an all-in-one network toolset like NetScanTools Pro. The time savings and convenience factors alone that come with having the tools you need in one location will pay for the program over and over again. Check it out.