• Acunetix WVS v7 – grand improvements in the making

    26 Aug 2010

    When I find a good security tool I not only love using it but I love telling everyone about it. Having gone down this road many times myself, I understand the time, money, and hassle associated with investing in security tools that aren’t all that. Well, here’s one for you: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (AWVS) version 7 (it’s currently in beta and free for you to try).

    The folks at at Acunetix tout several new things in AWVS v7 such as:

    • intelligent scanning engine
    • improved Web 2.0 support
    • lower false positives
    • ability to re-launch a reported vulnerability check
    • faster scan times

    Having taken AWVS v7 for a spin a few times, I can say that they’ve delivered. It’s actually pretty weird using version 7 because outside of the much-improved dashboard it looks very similar to AWVS version 6. But once you dig in and (especially) see how fast it is, you can tell they’ve gotten it right this time. It reminds me of Windows 7 compared to Vista – looks similar but much, much better.

    There are only a handful of Web vulnerability scanners worth considering. Acunetix makes one of them. Check it out while the getting’s good.