• You can rise above this

    18 Feb 2009

    I took some time off this past week for some fun and relaxation in the snow of Utah. Wow – what a great way to escape!

    Anyway, when I was out and about I heard people complaining about the economy: “no one’s hiring, gas is too high, when am I going to get a bailout?” – that kind of stuff – usually in a drab Squidward-like tone (you SpongeBob fans know what I mean!). Sure, things aren’t great – and we’re all being affected – especially with our runaway government implementing all of this “change we can believe in”.

    But there is a silver lining. Want to know what it is? It’s the fact that we all have a choice to either wallow in the woes of the world OR to get out there and better ourselves and start making our own changes that we can actually rely on rather than “believe in”. There’s a saying that if you work long enough and hard enough you must eventually hit a homerun. If you want to get ahead then you’ve got to get going. This requires: 1) aspiration, 2) determination, 3) motivation, and, most importantly, 4) perspiration (a.k.a. working your butt off). Study these words and use this as your formula for success in 2009.

    Start today. You won’t regret it. Things will only get better.