• The power of how we *think* about information security

    04 Feb 2014

    Here’s a good piece on coping with stress – something all of us in IT know all too well.  One thing in particular caught my eye that meditation expert Jon Kabat-Zinn said – it’s something that may help explain the common approach many people take to information security..He said:

    We may find ourselves resisting innovation and change and becoming overly protective of what we have built because we feel threatened by new ideas or requirements or by new people…it’s not what you know; it’s what you are willing to know you don’t know.

    The article goes on about how Kabat-Zinn uses the example of how you may be working and working on something, banging your head against the wall and unable to find a solution. Only when you stop and clear your head does the answer come to you. I talked about this concept in this video and it really does work!

    So, the way I understand it, we’re all too busy caught up in our thinking and our own rigid belief systems and aren’t open to other things that might able to help us in our jobs. It may be time to step back and change our approach and, especially, our thinking about information security.