• The next time you’re feeling bullied…

    21 May 2013

    Ever have a psychopathic executive (in IT or otherwise) try to force you to do something you simply can’t support, railroad you down the wrong path, or attempt to make you feel inferior? You’re not alone – I see and hear about this a LOT. There are many people pretending to be leaders who are simply insecure in their jobs so they try to flex their muscle to put up a “strong and capable” facade. Ironically it does just the opposite.

    Well, when it happens to you, listen intently (people love that) but keep this bit from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in mind:

    “He that respects himself is safe from others; he wears a coat of mail that none can pierce.”

    Much of what we do in IT and infosec is merely playing the game of politics. If you understand people and why they act the way they do (it’s all based around self esteem), you can simply play along and attain some semblance of peace at work.