• Possible bomb at Newark, ratchet up security!!??

    20 Dec 2010

    I heard a news story this morning about the possible bomb that was found at Newark Airport. The reporter went on to say that TSA is “ratcheting up security” and searching bags with more scrutiny in the event the threat is real.

    What I want to know is (and can’t seem to find the answer to): why is it we “ratchet up security” when a such threat is detected rather than putting controls and processes in place that allow us to remain vigilant at all times?

    So, we see a threat, we scurry to lock things down, and a few minutes or weeks later (or years in the case of the 9/11 attacks) we get back into our old complacent ways. I wrote about this phenomenon earlier this year in this piece for Security Technology Executive magazine:

    Don’t lose sight of what’s important

    …I just don’t get it.