• IT’s malignant narcissism and what you can do to rise above the noise

    15 May 2012

    IT department optimism does not translate into IT department budget. That’s what Jonathan Feldman wrote about in this Information Week piece. Their study provides lots of interesting insight into how many working in IT see things compared to, well, the rest of the business. I’m not surprised.

    While we’re on the subject, I’ve recorded a video on IT’s role in fixing this problem and wrote a new piece for TechTarget’s SearchWinIT.com site on why understanding management gets your IT department what it needs.

    If you’re going to move ahead – heck, even just survive – in IT, it’s critical to understand how the desire for gain or fear of loss are at the basis of every “sale” you make. Stop thinking of yourself as an IT person and, instead, as a business professional who’s helping the business move forward and accomplish its goals by leveraging IT.