• Change we can finally “believe in”

    20 Jan 2009

    Well it’s our big day here in the U S of A. The Messiah has become our new leader. Let the four years of us being talked down to with “charisma” and “captivation” begin. Time for the use of the government as an instrument of plunder to grow beyond our wildest imaginations. An era where we push aside our selfish desires for individuality and all become “one”.

    I suspect when he’s all said and done there’ll be no need for information security or even IT. Obama will spend on a new government program that’ll do it all for us.

    The fact is Obama is not as all-powerful as he portrays himself and as many believe he is. We all know that talk is cheap and I believe this is going to be a very short-lived honeymoon. I’m sure we’ve got a lot of “buyer’s remorse” coming up just around the corner. Unfortunately we – and especially our children – will reap what we’ve sewn….Not this year nor the next but many years from now. Remember when I talked about thinking long term?

    We know Obama stands against personal freedom, economic liberty, the free market, and limited government – the cornerstones of our great country. The very things I believe in and love about this country as well. At least his approach and his policies should make for some good posts in the coming years.

    With a $150 million kickoff (what better way to symbolize his forthcoming spending principles) and thousands of networks around the country crashing in the name of streaming media, hopefully everyone will feel nice and warm and fuzzy about all Obama’s promises and go out spend some money so we can fix this darned economy ourselves! That’s one of the things we’ve seemed to have forgotten and that frustrates me – that is – just how much we can do on our own such as this without government representatives such as Obama coming to our rescue.

    Seriously folks, I really hope he proves me wrong and does minimal harm to what we have here in the United States…Whatever happens, please bear with me over the next four years, OK?