• Are your high-tech devices enslaving you?

    17 Sep 2010

    I saw a recent Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff calendar quote where Richard Carlson said:

    “It’s important to see when your high-tech communication devices actually limit your freedom, enslaving you instead of providing new opportunities for growth.”

    Wow, how true that is! Ever tried to not look at your emails or answer phone calls when you’re out and about with your family or taking some time to yourself? Especially when you’re on vacation…It’s very difficult but it can be done. If you’re going to have peace of mind, it has to be done.

    Dr. Carlson also had a related quote – one of my all time favorites:
    “If someone throws you the ball, you don’t have to catch it.”

    Think about what Dr. Carlson said and try it out over the next couple of weeks. I’ve found that if you do it and stick with it, you’ll not only develop a greater sense of peace but practically every aspect of your life will benefit from it.