• Are you goofing off too?

    14 Jan 2009

    In this age, we’re all concerned about the well-being of our companies and especially the viability of our jobs. Things are certainly not looking up for at least the foreseeable future in ’09. I hear it, I read about it – everyone seems to be concerned. All of this and there’s one thing that STILL blows my mind. It’s people goofing off on the job.

    I do a fair portion of my work at client sites and am completely amazed at all of the Internet surfing, phone calls, smoke breaks, and non-work related things that people do on the job. Interestingly when it comes time for me to set up meetings and gather information, things always seems to take a long time…It’s as if everyone’s busy but nothing real important is getting done. Scott Adams hit this whole concept dead on with Dilbert.

    I not only see it in people’s actions but I also see it in all the things that are left undone when it comes to the vulnerabilities in the networks and applications and mobile systems I test. I originally thought it was a fluke in a select few organizations but after seeing the same behaviors year after year in varying types of organizations, I think it can be classified as a trend.

    Based on what I see, I’m surprised that businesses get much done at all. The experts say we use less than 5% of our brain capacity…studies have even shown that number to be around 1%. Wow. This PLUS not working all out on our jobs!? Imagine how successful businesses could be if we just doubled our brain utilization and work efficiency…!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love having a good time. In fact, one of the quotes I have on my desk is “Play as hard as you work.” I’m not being judgmental either. I’m calling it like I see it and I’m just trying to help.

    If there has ever been a time in our careers where working all out should be the mode of operation, it’s right now. Today. 2009.

    So, if you want to stand out above the noise and be thought of as a person of value when/if the time comes to cut staff – and promote staff – make every minute count. Work as if you’re billing by the hour. Work as if everyone is watching what you do. Work effectively and efficiently at the office and then leave it there. Don’t take it home with you to simply drag things out more. Instead spend that time doing the important things in your life.

    The payoffs won’t be immediate but if you program yourself to do things now and work as if every single action you take is designed to move things ahead foot by foot and eventually mile by mile, you’ll develop a whole new mindset…a mindset that will enable you to double or triple your salary and become a successful person in every facet of your life.