• Crooks will always find a way

    21 Jan 2008

    I was perusing the latest issue of Security Technology & Design (a trade mag that I write for) and was reminded of some findings of a recent security assessment…It’s: where do the bad guys start when attempting to work their way inside a building? Something that’s easy to overlook (and often is) is that of unsecured external access to a building. Think about both network type entry points and walk-in entry points: manholes, critical cabling found in splice boxes, network camera connections, and that ever-predictable unmanned rear entry door that people often prop open for their smoke breaks, etc.

    The person with a malicious mindset always thinks outside of the box to find weaknesses that have been overlooked by even the savviest of security pros. Think about how a malicious vandal, hacker, or terrorist would look at your building. Look at things from every angle and every entry point. Even the small ones. You might just find that the simple stuff is creating the greatest holes.