• Parents: Need access to your child’s Facebook account? Just get Big Brother involved.

    18 May 2011

    Here’s a bit on the proposed law by Democrat Ellen Corbett from California on Facebook being forced to give parents access to their kids’ Facebook pages (CA SB 242). I don’t disagree with the premise of parents getting or needing access…It’s just sad that the government has to get involved.

    In fact, why do parents need the government to get this information from their kids in the first place!? Well, we know that they don’t, that is if they have any semblance of control over their children. However so-called leaders in our government think that what they legislate is the answer to all of our problems and the minion fall in line without question.

    We not only have a situation of government out of control but parents out of control as well. Amazing stuff.

    Our march towards a society of limited personal responsibility brought on by bad parenting and government intrusion – otherwise known as Socialism – continues. A slippery slope indeed.