• Our power of choice has been stripped

    22 Mar 2010

    No need for us to think any more. Here’s a great excerpt from a WSJ piece that underscores the issue:

    “In our world of infinite wants but finite resources, there are only two ways to allocate any good or service: either through prices and the choices of millions of individuals, or through central government planning and political discretion.”

    You hear me say a lot that those in control of information security have a choice in the matter…and, as Dr. Phil McGraw says, you choose the behavior you choose the consequences. So be it.

    But we individuals in our own personal lives here in America are losing our ability to choose. It’s our new reality with Obamacare and, I suspect, many many other things to come. The politicians know better than the people…and it’s all our fault.

    I’m going to miss the days when we were in control of ourselves…when we were free.

    You probably think I’m crazy. I really don’t believe I am…I just see what has happened since the beginning and understand what all of this government control will lead us to. The decisions made this weekend will change our country deeply forever. Everyone will understand sooner or later.