• Holy Cow: Police seizing info from phones during traffic stops

    20 Apr 2011

    Here’s some big time scary stuff personally and something that’ll no doubt lead to big time security problems for the enterprise. Michigan State Police are copying data off of smartphones during minor traffic stops using the Cellebrite Universal Forensics Extraction Device. Images, address books, files, whatever…it’s now fair game for the police (Gestapo?) in Michigan to take whatever whenever.

    Is this government out of control or what!?

    I know we’ve all but forgotten about the Constitution in this country but if this happens to me, I guarantee you they’d get nothing – I mean nothing – without probable cause and a warrant.

    Yet another reason to force users to put passwords on their smartphones….Oh, and a control that wipes the phone after X number of failed password attempts.

    Wow, crazy stuff…what’s going to be next?