• Digital distractions take top priority

    04 Aug 2011

    Be it texting while driving, browsing Facebook while in a meeting or checking emails while having lunch with a friend, it seems that there’s always something better for us to be doing. It’s so much easier being somewhere else rather than in the moment. That’s the essence of this well-written piece on Gizmodo:
    The Epidemic of Digital Distraction

    You see there’s a human epidemic that not many people really care to acknowledge or talk about. It’s the dangerous desire for instant gratification. Those who don’t have the ability to think long term create many, many problems in their own lives and many, many problems in society (think big government). I believe it also contributes to people goofing off on the job.

    Don’t get me wrong, the desire for instant gratification is in us all. We just have to be disciplined enough to make the right choices. If you’re interested in finding ways to slow down and live in the moment, you must read The Speed Trap:

    It helped solidify this concept and made me realize I need to focus on the things that count.