• Do you provide ‘decent’ customer service?

    21 Jul 2008

    I’ve experienced two things in the past week that have reminded me that it doesn’t take much to really tick off your customers with bad customer (no) service.

    1) I ordered some automotive parts 2 weeks ago. Needed them by this past weekend. Never received them. The vendor claimed that UPS lost the package…come to find out the package was apparently addressed to someone else. [don’t know for sure since I still haven’t received it!]. Lots of finger pointing and nothing that could be done. Not even the willingness to overnight me what I needed. I didn’t ask for any of these problems yet I’m the one that had to deal with someone else’s issues.

    2) Took my new vehicle in for warranty service at CarMax – you know the people with the motto “The way car buying should be.” Told them the exact issues and the exact solutions. The first issue they didn’t trust what I was telling them. Said that the dealer would have to diagnose it. Got a call later that day from the service advisor telling me the dealer said I should come work for them…I knew exactly what the problem was. Uh, yeah, that’s why I told them in the first place. It only took me 3 minutes to find the problem/solution on the Web. With the second problem, they said they fixed it. They didn’t. I now have to take it back and waste at least 2 hours of my time dropping it off and picking it up.

    Moral of the story:
    If you want to really stand out in your business, it’s simple: do what’s expected. You don’t even have to go above and beyond these days…just do the basics. Sad but true.