• The deal with my Security On Wheels audio programs

    02 Oct 2009

    If you’ve been following me for any length of time you’ve probably noticed that development of my Security On Wheels audio programs has slowed way down. Let me explain why.

    In a nutshell, I’m practicing what I preach: “focus on your highest payoff tasks”. With this economic mess we’re in I’ve had to really buckle down and focus on billable work this year to keep my momentum up and ride out this storm. Existing sales are good but I’m striking a balance between time/costs associated with developing and producing new content with the reality that so many people aren’t buying much right now. Being self-employed I don’t have a choice. That said I will return! I’m putting together my next audio program now.

    Mega thanks to those of you who’ve provided such positive feedback on my existing audio programs. It confirms that I indeed have a good thing going here.

    If you’re not currently on my Security On Wheels mailing list and wish to be notified of new audio programs and special offers you can sign up on the home page at securityonwheels.com.

    If you’re interested in trying out either of my existing audio programs, I’m offering a 50% discount on any purchase to get you on board…and get you hooked. Just enter OCT09 as the discount code when checking out. It’s good through the end of October.

    Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for great new things with Security On Wheels in the near future.

    All the best,