• Proud to be a speaker on the TechTarget roadshow

    17 Jun 2011

    I just completed two seminars this past week for TechTarget and CDW…One was in Minneapolis, which by the way, was probably the friendliest city I’ve EVER visited. Great bunch of folks…thanks for the great Midwestern turnout and hospitality!

    Our second stop was San Francisco…one of my most favorite cities to visit. I also had the opportunity to visit the nice folks at one of my publishers: Realtimepublishers.com (publisher of my latest book that I’ll be posting about soon) and one of the websites where I serve as an IT security expert: Focus.com. Just meeting these people for the first time made the trip worthwhile.

    If you’re not familiar with it, you should check out these security seminars we’re doing…lot’s of good discussions around what it takes to really get your arms around the security beast. We may be coming to a town hear you between now and year’s end. Here’s the website:

    Predictive Security: Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead of the Next Threat