• My message to Republicans on this critical day in history

    05 Jan 2011

    This is a big, big day for the future of the United States of America. The people spoke in the last election telling the jokers in Washington that we don’t want their “hope and change” that’s running this country into the ground. Today our new Congress gets rolling. But what’s it going to lead to? I have my fingers crossed that we won’t see more of the same old Big Government nonsense coming from the new Republican leadership in the House.

    Republicans: You’ve let us down so many times in the past that the lines are now blurred between you and the Socialist Democrat party. You’ve all represented Big Government for years. So what are you going to do differently now?

    Republicans: Know that we’re watching…if you don’t stick by your principles and the Constitution this time around I’m confident that our country as it was intended and your party will become a thing of the past and we’ll fall in line with the rest of the sheeple around the world. The standard of living that we’ve all grown accustomed to in America will slowly erode away in the interest of “the greater good” of the dumb masses – a system proven to fail time and again over the centuries. If this is what ultimately occurs, Republicans who fail to stand by their principles from this point forward will carry that responsibility and that burden.

    Republicans: Please, please proceed with caution and think long term…we’ve all got too much to lose.