• Join me live today at Dark Reading’s webinar #iwkdrbreaches

    25 Aug 2011

    I’m speaking at the #Information Week/Dark Reading Virtual Trade Show How Security Breaches Happen and What Your Organization Can Do About It.

    My session is titled How to Win the War Against Cybercrime and starts at 2:30pm ET. Here are a few words about it:

    What are you doing to avoid becoming the next Wikileaks, Google, or Sony? Despite the fact that businesses will spend over 50 billion dollars worldwide on IT security projects this year, it is a virtual certainty that your organization will experience a security breach at some point.

    While the complexity of cyber threats may be increasing, the good news is that the answer to combating these threats need not be complex. By implementing solutions that integrate your identity, access, and security environments, you can protect your organization’s network, systems, and critical information from insiders and criminal hackers.

    In this presentation, noted information security expert Kevin Beaver will discuss current and evolving cyber security threats, some common oversights he sees in his work and recommend solutions that deliver the information you need to reduce the risk of security breaches across your enterprise.

    Thanks to the nice folks at NetIQ for making it happen.

    Hope to “see” you there!